The sea side town
of Kissamos

Kissamos (Kastelli) is a modern seaside town, 36km east of Chania, with population of 5000 people, whose economy is based mainly on agriculture – with its renowned olive oil and wine- plus tourism, and is still developing.

The beauty of Kissamos is that it is a Greek town that has embraced tourism but not been spoilt by it. The visitor to Kissamos can experience local life and tradition, from the everyday to the special cultural events organized during the summer season.

In recent years it has also developed as a region renowned for its alternative, natural and eco tourism and as such is a magnet for walkers, bird watchers and lovers of nature generally.

It is a hospitable town, well organized with all the facilities required of a self sufficient town, such as banks, post office, internet cafes, health centre, supermarkets and stores, tavernas, cafes and bars.

It also has a very pleasant seaside promenade lined with tavernas, cafes and bars open from the morning till late at night.

There are ships running from Kissamos harbor to Kithira, Peloponnese and Pireaes. There are also daily cruises from Kissamos to Gramvousa and Balos lagoon.


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